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The Whole Mouse Catalog (formerly the Mouse and Rat Research Home Page)

A collection of links and other resources useful to biomedical researchers working with rodents.

The U.S. Nonprofit Organization's Public Disclosure Regulations Site

A site for NPO administrators and others that describes the IRS requirements for disclosing and providing public access to organizations' annual federal tax returns and application for tax exemption, encourages NPOs to fulfill these requirements by using Internet publication, and presents links to the documents of organizations that have already posted their complete records online.

Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations

A comprehensive collection of educational material presenting the current regulatory environment faced by U.S. nonprofit organizations, including summaries of each state's requirements and links to related material such as original legislation, regulator's Web sites, and forms.

Some other works by the same author as this site's NPO resources have been published as part of the NPO-FAQ:

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